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Welcome to Mr. Gemmell's Science and Coding Classes!



Welcome to the web page for Mr. Gemmell's classes. This year holds several new learning opportunities for all of my students. In science, will utilize the scientific method as we work to observe and explain what happens around us. 

All resources can be found in the left column:

Class Info contains links to screencasts, google classroom, and other information you might need for Mr. Gemmell's science or coding class. 

 Homework is listed by class, select your proper class and section to find information on homework given in class. 

 Useful links contains links that you may want to follow when doing research. Links will also have a link to my youtube channel, and the most recent screencast.  

 Forms and docs contain all documents that are important for Mr. Gemmell's classes, you can also find many of these documents on google classroom as well. Examples of documents that you will find here are copies of any homework worksheets, or a template for taking notes on screencasts.